Next Generation Quantum Processors

Quantum Foundry Copenhagen develops tools and processes for quantum chip manufacturing. Using advanced ultra high vacuum approaches, we will enable the future of high performance quantum processors.
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Our Principles

Bottom-up Manufacturing

To enable utility scale quantum computing we believe chip manufacturing tools and processes capable of reaching extreme atomic and isotopic purity and precision control is needed for building quantum processing units of relevant performance.

Ultra High Vacuum

Our approach is to develop advanced ultra high vacuum based solutions for integrated circuit fabrication.

Our Approach

We combine disciplines to achieve our mission

Mechanical engineerng

Designing hardware tools with extreme capabilities.

Optical engineering

Optical interference alignment and quantum optical manipulation.

Electrical engineering

Process control and automation of manufacturing processes.

Material science

Understanding and controlling material kinetics and properties.

Quantum physics

Designing the quantum processors for quantum applications.

Data science

Developing the backbone of data-driven research and development.

Our Focus

Enabling the future of high performance quantum processors

Our focus is on atomic precision and atomic/isotopic purity UHV manufacturing.

Based on ultra-pure atomic scale precision, we develop wafer based integrated circuits of highest quality including superconducting, semiconducting and photonic components.